You can make a secure online donation to support facilitation for cultural transformation using Paypal!

I use a community funding strategy to support my work as a facilitator of cultural transformation. You have heard of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – where families pay a monthly fee to a farmer, who then provides them with fresh food for the duration of the growing season - but have you heard of Community Supported Activism?

Through Community Supported Activism, I rely on my community to help raise money in a way that represents our shared values and my belief that the resources we need to heal our communities can be found within our communities. I invite you to become a part of a new kind of CSA, where you donate money to make it possible for me to do this critical work. Read on for details of how this works, and why it works!

How do you donate and how much can you give?

My goal is to raise enough money to pay myself a monthly stipend of $500, which enables me to offer facilitation and organizational development services to organizations that cannot afford to pay. How much you donate is up to you, and any amount is appreciated. You can donate a small amount monthly ($5-10), or you can make a one-time donation of any size.

  • You can send money to me online using Paypal by clicking on the Donate link above.
  • You can send a check to me directly. Ask me for my mailing address!

Who are you and Why should you donate?

You are community organizers and community developers, artists and media makers, faith leaders and community leaders, healers and health workers, educators and mediators, facilitators and union workers, anarchists, libertarians, democrats, and green-workers - you are people who have touched me and who have in some way been a part of my work. You are someone who shares my vision for a better, more just world, and shares my hope that we can and are creating it NOW. You should donate because participating in alternative models for resourcing the work of changing the world is EXACTLY what it takes to change the world!!

Thank you so much for always supporting my work. And thank you in advance for any financial contribution you can make to this project, which is so dear to my heart, and which is so critical to the movement.